Track Proven To Generate Faster Lap Times!

Style and performance all in one package!

Here are a few track machines with Battle Aero installed tearing up the track with significant improvements in lap times. These are real world results that show Battle Aero Trunk Mounted wings and Chassis Mount Kits are also a performance upgrade for your track beast.


 Battle Aero V2 Chassis mount stands and Force1 Wing deck on this MR2 track car. Customer made their own mounting brackets to fit on to MR2.

"Today was a good day. 132 drivers and over 500 spectators. Eric Olsen took the limited rwd win. Said the wing was worth almost two seconds.

- ERIC O."



Battle Aero BMW E36 Chassis mount wing kit at Button Willow Raceway

@mrjay337 wrote, "Awesome! Picked up 3 seconds from my previous best! And it had more left in it. I was really ticking down the times towards the end. But I ran out of daylight. Can't wait to go back. Between your wing and the front splitter, it made a huge difference."


BMW E46 with Trunk Mounted Force 1 (62") Wing 


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