Drift Kart Chassis
Drift Kart Chassis
Drift Kart Chassis
Drift Kart Chassis
Drift Kart Chassis
Drift Kart Chassis
Drift Kart Chassis
Drift Kart Chassis

Drift Kart Chassis

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Drift Kart

*This is a prototype Drift Kart. Production version may look different.*

**Available for Pre-Order Only. Production Karts to begin shipping March 2024**

Drift Kart designed for the driving enthusiast.

Designed from the ground up, our first ever EV Drift Kart. Specifically made for drifting. Our goal in mind was to take the driving experience of a full size drift car and scale it down into a Drift Kart. Using the greatest CAD technology, we're able to engineer a frame with the best steering geometry for maximum angle, road stability, light weight, and weight balance. Seating position was also optimized for the lowest seating position, comfort, and to provide confidence inspired driving. 


- Adjustable Ackermann steering knuckle

- Extreme high angle steering

- Adjustable seating position

- Adjustable pedal position

- Common bolt patterns for steering wheels


Kart Frame Options

Bare Frame:

- CAD Designed Steel Frame

     -- Raw Unpainted Frame or

     -- Painted Frame (Blue)

Frame + Knuckles / Steering Shaft + Pedals

- CAD Designed Steel Frame

- High Angle Steering Knuckle, Steering Shaft,

- Accelerator & Brake Pedal Set

Complete Rolling Kart Chassis

- CAD Designed Steel Frame

- Accelerator & Brake Pedal Set

- Chassis Mounted Kart Wing

- Kart Seat

- Steering Wheel

- Complete Front Steering Kit: High Angle Steering Knuckle, Tie Rods, Steering Shaft, Hubs

- Complete Foot Brake Kit: Hydraulic Brake Master, Brake Lines, Calipers, Rotor

- Complete Rear Axle Kit: Rear Axle, Hubs, Gears, Chains

- Wheels & Tires

*NO ENGINE, EV MOTOR or Controllers

*NO OPTION INCLUDES batteries or charger*

**Assembly is required. Tutorial available soon**

Rough dimensions of kart:

  • 2ft Tall
  • 3ft wide
  • 5ft Long

Fit up to 6ft tall & 200lb person

**Photos shown are from our Drift Kart Prototype. Production version kart & kart components will slightly vary**

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